Sunday, 1 March 2015

PGTRB English Previous Year Question Papers

           TRB (Teachers Recruitment Board) recruits post graduates for all the higher secondary schools by conducting PGTRB Exams every year. It helps to getting govt Job for all the post graduate candidates. So every year there are number of candidates write these exams. some got success. Some could not reach their goal. Without proper way channel, no one can reach the destination. In view of this thought there is a need to analyse the question paper pattern for facing these exams. While we analyse some previous year question papers we got an idea of concentrating areas which we pay more attention than other. And also the way of asking questions from the content should be known the candidates.

                For example In English we must concentrate in each and every syllabus content not only the prescribed story / content. But also the background of the story. Political / Social situations, published years, the authors family backgrounds other works of the authors, the characters of all the content, shakespeare works.

             Now a days some annotations like questions are asked. It is a very difficult one. Only those people who know the real line of the stories can answer these type of questions. For avoiding such a critical situation we must concentrate the important lines of the famous stories / poems.
All these difficulties can be clarified only we analse some previous year question papers. 

You must use the following link to see the previous year question Papers.

PGTRB English Question Paper Download

  • BRT English Question Paper Download (2009) - Click Here
  • PGTRB English Question Paper Download (2001) - Click Here
  • PGTRB English Question Paper Download (2012) - Click Here
  • PGTRB English Key Answer Download (2001) - Click Here

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